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Sonic Pro AV was founded in 2016 by its owner, Ben Unger. Ben has a long history in Audio-Visual services, going back to when he was a teenager and learning the trade from his grandfather. He has been doing AV for over 15 years. He is also a touring live sound engineer and owns a small recording studio.

Sonic Pro AV's goal is to provide high quality, low-cost AV services for conferences and events. We understand that AV services are very important to an events' success, but that they often come with a high price from a large AV company that is unwilling to go any lower or provide you with the customer service you need. Further, our quality of recordings is the same or even higher than these large companies.

We also have a great crew of world-class sound and video engineers to help you achieve your goals at your event.

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Depending on your needs, we offer various packages for recording and AV. Our Audio Recording Sales Package can actually make you money through giving you a commission of our sales at your conference. 

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